JE Sales Post

ALL PRICES IN SGD. I don't accept USD anymore as I'm most probably not going back to the States anymore.

1. All items will be shipped via NORMAL AIRMAIL from singapore. If you would like a tracking number, it costs an additional $3. I will not be responsible for any lost mail. However, if you have a tracking number, i WILL take all actions (calling post office, going to the post office, etc) to help you recover your mail.

2. Payment methods i accept PAYPAL AND WESTERN UNION (instant transfer) ONLY. Bank funds transfer (UOB, POSB & OCBC) & meetups are also okay for local buyers.

3. Usually, airmail takes around 1-3 weeks to reach. Please be patient and wait for your package. If it doesn't reach you after 3 weeks and you have a tracking number, please email me and let me know.

4. All Shipping&Handling costs starts from $5.

5. If you are buying a lot of heavy items and shipping is very expensive, you can request for Surface Mail, which will take 1-2 months, but will be much cheaper.

6. If you have any enquiries, feel free to email me at (: I usually have more than 1 of each item, so please ask if you would like to purchase more than 1~

If you would like to purchase anything, please leave a comment with your

Email address:
Items you want:
Method of payment: (If you're paying via PAYPAL, please state whether it's CC or non-CC as i have separate accounts for them, but if you are not sure it's ok, just leave it as CC)
Tracking number: YES / NO (choose)

Everything is brand new (except for the photobooks which were taken out and read once), kept in plastic wrap. I'm fine with meetups/mail. 

Photobooks, Calendars, Plastic Folders

1. Yamashita Tomohisa Photobook - $15

17. KAT-TUN Cartoon Plastic Folder - $8

18. Jin Cartoon Plastic Folder - $8

19. Kame Cartoon Plastic Folder - $8

20. Kame Cartoon Plastic Folder 2 - $8

Uchiwas and Posters

Uchiwas @ $10 each

1. Kame Live Kaizokuban Uchiwa

2. Kame 2006-2007 Countdown Concert Uchiwa

3. Kame Real Face Uchiwa

4. Kame 2005-2006 Countdown Uchiwa

5. Kame Cartoon White Uchiwa

7. Kame Cartoon Black Unchiwa

10. Yamashita 2006-2007 Countdown Uchiwa

11. Kusano Summary Uchiwa

12. Yuya Pacific Uchiwa - $5 (cause there's a tiny tear)

16. NewS 10Q Interview poster - $10

19. Koyama Calendar Tin - $6

20. Tegoshi Calendar Tin - $6


Hello people~!! This livejournal here will be used to sell some japan-related stuff which i have. Do look around, won't you? xD
Please note that:
1. Prices do not include shipping unless stated otherwise.
2. Payment through carefully concealed cash (at buyers' risk) and Paypal.
3. For buyers in Singapore, meet-up and funds transfer is possible.
4. I'm not liable for any lost mail

yeapyeaps that's all. feel free to ask any questions though.. thank you!!